Is Anyone Else Getting Bored Of Wedding Blogs?

I’ve always been a big fan of wedding blogs, ever since I first discovered them when I was a bride-to-be. I’ve followed wedding blogs from across the globe and devoured feature after feature of wedding inspiration awesomeness.

But lately I’ve fallen out of love with wedding blogs. Not all of them, but there are so many of them. I might have a scroll through their home page feed but there’s been very little that’s made me want to click and see more. And why is that?

Styled shoots. Or Inspiration shoots as they are sometimes called.

These editorials are where amazing industry professionals get together and great the most beautifully styled wedding ideas with a gorgeous couple in an amazing location. And of course, the pictures are as you would expect, beautiful. BUT IT’S NOT REAL! There’s no emotion there. No pictures of two newlyweds giggling as they realise what the heck just happened or the best man getting chocked up during the speeches. And slowly, each shoot starts to look like the next one and a haze of “the perfect wedding” nonsense.

For me the perfect wedding has nothing to do with styling.

You can have the most incredible wedding, filled with so much love and emotion, and captured beautifully by a talented photographer, but a wedding blog will never feature it because there’s not enough pictures of details. Because guess what, the couple cared more about the act of actually getting married than stuff! When did weddings stop being about love and connections and start becoming about details??

I’d love to know which of the pictures below fill you with more joy? Which ones make you FEEL something?

Collage of a bride's shoe and a bride looking in the mirror Collage of 2 images; a styled wedding ring photo and a photo of a couple walking down the aisleA photo of personalised wedding sunglasses on the left and a bride holding the grooms hand and looking up at him on the left.

Want to know which weddings blogs are still publishing REAL weddings with REAL emotions that are really inspiring? I’ll be posting a list of my favourite ones right here next Friday. If you don’t wan’t to miss it, sign up HERE for my newsletter to get a weekly round-up to your inbox every Friday, plus a free destination wedding budget planning guide.



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