What Your Wedding Photographer Needs From You

When you hire a wedding photographer for your wedding day, you’re hiring a professional with a great deal of experience to capture your most special moments. You’ve chosen them for their artistic vision and you’re trusting them with documenting your story they way they see it.

But it’s not just the photographer’s job to capture great images of your wedding day. Part of it is down to you.

What Your Wedding Photographer Needs From You

What does your photographer need from you? Well, it might seem a small thing but it is what makes or breaks whether you get good versus whether you get great wedding photographs. And that is:


Sun sets over Innsbruck as Kelly and Arik share a kiss with the Inn valley in the background by Wild Connections Photography

It doesn’t matter how much you’ve invested in your wedding photography. If you’re not committed to getting great pictures, there’s a chance you won’t. What do I mean? Almost every couple I’ve ever photographed has told me that they feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. And yet they come out with pictures they love because they made a commitment to put all of their reservations to the side and give it a try.

As a wedding photographer, I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve to get couples to relax and have fun while we’re taking pictures. And they work 99% of the time. But not always. I can only get a couple to smile and look like they are having fun if they themselves are willing to.

Sometimes it happens on a wedding day, or more commonly on an engagement shoot, that one person would rather be doing something other than standing and having their picture taken. And I get it. It’s awkward and uncomfortable, and you’d probably rather be celebrating or be anywhere else than in front of a camera. And I know for guys especially, PDAs (public displays of affection, not electronic devices) can seem pretty uncomfortable when you feel like you’re doing it for the camera.

But if you fully embrace the experience and commit to giving it a go, just for this one day, the results can be pure magic. Pictures that will make you smile over and over again when you look back at them years from now. You won’t remember the camera or the sound of the shutter. You’ll just remember the way you felt about that person standing there with you and you’ll be grateful you made that commitment.

What you wedding photographer needs from you is commitment to be yourselves


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