5 Wedding Planning Mistakes Couples Often Make

Wedding planning is a rollercoaster of emotions. There’s the initial excitement of getting engaged and knowing you’re going to be getting married. Then there’s the realization that YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED! Then comes working out your wedding budget, choosing a venue, deciding on your guest list. You go from being inspired and motivated to feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Sometimes in the space of minutes (or maybe that was just me, haha).

Since I was introduced to this wonderful world of weddings, first as a bride, and then as a photographer, I’ve noticed a few recurring mistakes that couples (including us) make during the process, and I’m here to talk about them in the hope that you don’t need to make the same ones.

So, in no particular order:

Buying Your Wedding Outfits Too Early / Too Late
The ring has been on your finger for 24 hours and you’ve already got your first appointment at a bridal shop and are ready to search for that perfect dress. But without having a wedding date or a venue, there’s a chance that that tight fitting lace mermaid dress that you love so much might not be the most comfortable thing to wear on the beach in Italy in August. You may have wished you’d gone for something more lightweight and floaty. There’s certainly no harm in window shopping, but try to wait until you’ve set your date and found a venue before you say yes to that dress.And if you have your heart set on a custom couture gown, don’t forget that they can take up to 6 months with some designers in the busy wedding seasons.

Planning The Wedding Day Timetable Without Consulting Your Vendors
You might be a scheduling pro on a normal day, but fixing your wedding day running plan without checking it with your vendors is a risky game. You wedding vendors are experts in this area, and they know how much time it REALLY takes to get people seated for dinner or to take 5 different family photos. Most vendors are more than happy to guide you along the whole process so make the most of their expertise.

Buying Too Much Stuff Here & There Before The Theme Is Fixed
This is one that I was completely guilty of. We got engaged in September and got married the following August. I lost count of how much random stuff I purchased that I saw in a shop and thought it would be great for the wedding day. Of course a few months down the line we had a whole load of little nic-naks that didn’t fit with what ended up being the final vision for our wedding day

Leaving DIY Items Until The Last Minute
Making one handmade favour only took you 20 minutes so making another 50 shouldn’t be too difficult right? These things never go as smoothly as planned, and handmaking favours is the last thing you want to be doing the week before your wedding.

Not Giving Your Guests Enough Information On The Wedding
I’m not talking about telling them everything but making sure they know what sort of wedding they are attending, and how they should dress is pretty important. You probably don’t want your Aunt in stilettoes if you’re having an outdoor festival-style wedding in a field. You’ll also probably get a hundred phone calls or texts running up to the wedding day if people are unsure about little things like where they are supposed to park or the best taxi company to book, so be prepared and have all of this information ready early on. Starting up a group WhatsApp chat or Facebook group is a great way for you to get the information out there to everyone at once.

Did you do anything during wedding planning that you wish you’d done differently? Leave your advice in the comments below.


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