What Is A Destination Wedding?

When hearing the words “destination wedding”, one of the first images that comes to mind for many people is a tropical island beach with white sand, clear turquoise water and palm trees. Mexico, The Bahamas, Thailand.

But a destination wedding does not necesarily mean a beach wedding. Or even going abroad.

So what is a destination wedding?

The notion that a destination wedding is in a far off, distant land is not always true, although of course it can be if that’s what you want. Destination Wedding Magazine defines a destination wedding as “ a wedding just 100 miles or more from where the bride currently lives”.

Maybe you have many beautiful wedding venues close to home but you’ve been to so many weddings at these venues that you feel like you’re just copying what has been done before. Perhaps the local stately home is a beautiful venue, but it doesn’t reflect your fun, adventurous personalities. Perhaps you met whilst backpacking across India or Skiing in the Alps and you want your wedding to reflect your story?

The beauty of a destination wedding is that you are free to choose a location that means something to you and reflects you as a couple, whether it’s a tropical island paradise, a rustic mountain cabin or chic city location. It allows you to have the freedom to plan the wedding that YOU want, without being restricted to what is close to home.

So with that in mind, where you would like to have your DREAM destination wedding?

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