Will Your Wedding Photos Be Obsolete In Ten Years?

Last month I was back in the UK for 24 hours to surprise my Nan for her 80th birthday. We took her out for a birthday lunch and then we went on a boat trip through the Norfolk Broads. Both me and my father (who also loves photography) had our cameras with us and were taking pictures. Towards the end of the afternoon, my Nan mentioned how there were so many pictures and family movies that were sitting in boxes that she wished she’d had printed. The pictures were mostly on slides and the movies on cine films.

This made me think about how technology has changed so much. Whilst my parents and grandparents did print a lot of pictures, they also had a large number of their pictures on slides and their videos on cine film. All the home videos from when I was younger and died my hair red in a Ginger Spice tribute (because I was THAT cool!) are on VHS, and sadly we don’t have a video player anymore. Pictures I took from my orchestra tours around Europe are on a CD and neither of my computers have a disk drive. Do you see where I am going with this…

The only pictures from my life until now that I can look at whenever I like are the ones that are printed out on paper that I can hold in my hand.


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When it comes to weddings, many couples seem to only want digital images. I used to offer printed albums as part of my wedding packages but so many couples asked to take them out in order to save some of the cost, that I ended up creating digital only packages with the option of purchasing an album afterwards. Which means after the wedding day, the couples who don’t order an album won’t have anything to hold in their hands except a USB drive.

Perhaps I’m old fashioned, but I still buy books and I oder printed albums of my travels with Menno. Real books made of paper and card. I love seeing them sitting on my shelves and that feeling of holding them in my hands and turning the pages. Images look so much nicer on real paper than on bright glaring screens.

Our daily lives are filled with digital images. We look at them, double tap and keep scrolling. If all you do with your pictures is post them online, it won’t be long until they get lost down at the bottom of a news feed amongst videos of cute puppies and pictures of people’s lunch.

In 10 years time, our computers might not still be using the technology that we are using today. Who knows how we’ll look at our pictures in 10 years time if we don’t print them today.

Print Your Pictures People!

 (Or order a photo album from your photographer. Either way, turn those digital files in to something you can hold in your hands!)

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